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Breakfast: For all Valdonica Guests the buffet breakfast is prepared in our Cantina: Inside at Forum Valdonica or outside on the shaded terraces. Breakfast time is from 8.00-10.00 am.

Checkout: Please make your room available at 11.00am and settle your bill at the Valdonica Office during office hours (8.00-11.00am/17.00-20.00pm)

Cooking: Feel free for Cooking in our Cantina Kitchen? Please leave the kitchen tidy and clean!

Cooking-Session with Angela: Connect to true Tuscany by joining into Cooking-Session with Angela and her Team – local specialities and lovely people. For details contact Valdonica Office.

Forum: Cooking, reading, making music, philosophising, tasting … at Forum Valdonica you find your space. Find a book on our bookshelf or leave your favourite book there. There might be other guests sharing in – in sharing we find the unexpected!

Heating/Cooling: In all Guestrooms you find a floor heating –  temperature can be regulated on the thermostat in your room.

In the Cantina all Guestroom (and our wines) are cooled by a floor cooling system as well as with additional air-conditioning. When using air-conditioning please keep the doors/windows closed, when you leave the room please turn air-conditioning OFF. Using the ventilators above your bed provide a comfortable cooling effect.
In the Villa we recommend to leave windows/doors open in ventilation position during the night – it cools down the Villa. During the day we recommend to keep doors/windows and shutters closed!

Internet: Free WLAN in Forum Valdonica and in the Villa – you find the password on the info-board besides the Valdonica Office door.

Laundry: We are providing laundry services. Put your laundry into the laundry bag provided in your room and bring it to the Valdonica office – they also inform you about costs and time.

Office: Our Valdonica Office is daily opened from 8.00-11.00/17.00-20.00. Otherwise we can be reached at +39 340 847 8431.

Picnic: We are happy to prepare a picnic-backpack for you: – with Panini (bread), fruits, Water. Pack your preferred Valdonica-Wine into your backpack! Book at Valdonica Office and off to discover the two picnic spots on Valdonica Land.

Pool: The Valdonica-Pool is below the Degustation Terrace  – ist location invites for refreshing body& soul. The water Quality comes from salt – a touch oft he Mediterranean Sea – we prefer salt to chlorine. Your Pool-Bag with towel is in your room.

Safety: When leaving your room please lock it – it´s fine to leave your windows/balcony doors in ventilation position. If you are the only one in Cantina or Villa please make sure to lock also the entry and garden doors!

Smoking: All Valdonica Buildings are SMOKE-FREE. Please smoke your cigarette outside and ensure they are extinguished well – there is a high risk of bush-fires!

Taxi: Valdonica Office arranges taxis for you.

Valdonica Collection: A selection of regional delicacies has been prepared for you – all from local producers. Pick your selection from the shelf and pay at the Valdonica Office.

Valdonica -Dinner: About once a week we are organizing the traditional Valdonica Dinner in our wine cellar. The owner of Valdonica or a Valdonica Team Member hosts this dinner. This is where we introduce Valdonica and our wines, accompanied by an exquisite 4-Course-Menu prepared by the Valdonica Team from their family recipes. Please register at Valdonica Office – a Highlight of Valdonica!

Valdonica Hikig Trail: We have prepared for you a trail around Valdonica. Follow the orange signs starting at the vineyard outside of Cantina. Along the vineyards, pastures with orchids, oak forests and the pond – romantic benches invite for resting, for picnicking. It takes about 1 hour.

Valdonica Wine & Valdonica Collection Order: Please inform the Valdonica Office about your order the day before your departure – your order will be ready prepared for your departure – we can also ship to your home.


We recommend reserving a table before you go – call the restaurant of your choice or the Valdonica Office can do the reservation for you.


Ristorante Da Momo: Momo has been for ever in Sassofortino – great Pizza, great traditional Maremma dishes – excellent value!
Our recommendation: Pappardelle con cinghiale (Wild boar pasta – only available in hunting season), Pici Paesana (Pasta), Panna Cotta con Frutti di Bosco (Dessert), Pizza…with Valdonica arnaio!
10 minutes walking towards the end of Sassofortino – on your right side
Closed on Monday – in August open throughout, phone: +39 0564 569701

Pizzeria Il Fornaccio: Sassofortino`s second restaurant – opened in 2011 eröffnet by Marco and his family. Great wood stove pizza (Fans of Momo and Marco Pizza are balanced) and homemade Antipasti and Pasta. Excellent value!
Our recommendation: Pizza…with Valdonica arnaio!
5 minutes walking – at the beginning of Sassofortino on your right side.
Open Thursday to Sunday for dinner only – during season open all week, phone: +39 0564 567413

Bar Da Momo: Best Cafe in town is with Barbara – a morning treat fort he whole village. Good ice-cream and quick snacks throughout the day. Just besides Momo Restaurant. This is where the local men meet for playing cards, for chatting – wives send their husbands to Momo so that they have free space to chat with their friends in the kitchen at home. Closed on Monday

Bar il Glicine: If you feel for a beer, this is the place where to go – they have a great selection. Meeting point fort he younger crowd, till late at night. Just besides Coop. 

Roccatederighi  – neighboring village: 2,5 km from Valdonica

Da Nada: Nada is the „Grande Dame“ of Maremma-Cuisine. Her husband Rudolfo is serving.

We recommend: Cinghiale Cacciatore (wild boar hunter´s style), before Crostini misti, afterwards Tiramisu (best in town!) …with Valdonica saragio!
Right after the 180 degree curve in the village center on the left side
Closed Thursday, phone: +39 0564 567226

La Conchiglia: Daniele and his family bring innovation to Maremma´s cuisine – best fish and seafood in town. Lovely terrace underneath chessnut-trees with grand view on Maremma.
We recommend: Spaghetti vongole, branzino or other fish ….mit Valdonica ballarino! Also outstanding pasta from chestnut-flower with truffle and nuts.
At the first crossing in town take a left (follow signs) – private parking available
All week open till end of September, from October closed on Tuesday, phone: +39 0564 567430

Garum: Chef of Garum is Pio – grand terrace (reservation essential!), good pizza, great price value!
We recommend: Pizza, Pasta and Pio likes to cook fish …with Valdonica arnaio!
Right at the Entry-Arch into the medieval town
Open all week, phone: +39 0564 933479

Trattoria Il Corso: traditional restaurant, shady outside tables with view on medieval town

Right at the crossing into the medieval town (in the 180 degree curve)
Open all week till end October, phone: +39 0564 569 459

Osteria da Giannino: One menu oft he day – all prepared fresh
Right after the 180 degree curve in the center of town on the left side
Open all week in July/August, otherwise closed on Wednesday, phone: +39 0564 567 313


LA ROSA BLUE: In the midst of nature with a view on Olive trees, vineyards and Sassoforte – a family restaurant like in a movie: Mother is cooking, father is making pizza and son is serving. Traditional Maremma dishes in grand quality. Handmade pasta with Valdonica arnaio, steak and wild boar with Valdonica saragio, Tiramisu with Valdonica baciolo.
Either via Roccastrada – at the crossing at the end oft he village take a right passing a gas station – onwards for about 3 km. Or you drive from Valdonica the Peruzzo street downwards and follow at the bottom the signs in direction Roccastrada.
Dinner only – open throughout the week during season, phone: +39 0564 563 331

STREETFOOD CIVITELLA MARITTIMA: Grand selection of Pizza-To-Go, super quality & price value.
From Roccastrada driving to Civitella Marittima, just before the round about in town on the right side


VALDONICA: On our Degustation Terrace … please register at Valdonica Office

Main Season: Daily 17.00-20.00  – or you pre-order
Off-Season: Please register at valdonica Office

Rocca di Frassinello: Impressive Industrial Winery (co-owned by Rothschild) close to Ribolla – grand architecture by Renzo Piano
Drive to Ribolla and follow the signs
All week: 9.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00, phone: +39 0566 88 400

Ampeleia: Neighbouring Winery in Roccatedirighi focusing on Mediterranean grapes
Drive through Roccatederighi, 2 km after the village at the crossing it is to your left
phone: +39 0564 567 155


Opening Hours: Mo-Sa 8.00-12.30 und 16.45-19.15 – Wednesday afternoon closed 


Alimentari Da Claudio: Support local business – small, with exquisite local products …Claudio prepares super Panini (sandwich) for your lunch picnic – also opened Sunday morning

Coop: Small supermarket

Panificio da Giacomo: Typical local bakery – also for cookies and cakes

Newspapers: Besides Coop – during summer also international newspapers

Post-Office: Opened only in the morning – there you need patience and the joy of mingling with locals …or you leave your postcards with the Valdonica Office 


Roberta: Best vegetables and fruits in town – fresh from local farmers. Already the sensations for your nose from the fragrances are worthwhile a visit. Take your time, here are reflected recipes and other important thing in life – Roberta is a social center.
Opens sometimes LATE in the afternoon – around 18.00.

Macelleria Salvestroni oder Tompetrini: Outstanding wild boar salami at Salvestroni, outstanding ham with Tompetrini – the quality is kept up by competition: 3 butchers in Rocca!

Anna´s Keramik: Grand ceramics – Anna`s ceramics holds marmalades and honeys for the Valdonica Breakfast Buffet
Friday/Saturday: 9.00-12.30 and 16.30-19.30 – or you arrange a meeting at her pottery close to Valdonica. phone: +39 333 3564637 

Grosseto (30 minutes by car)

Thursday morning is market in Grosseto – right at the medieval city wall in the center
Grosseto remains to be an Italian town – here you find good price value. Picturesque old town surrounded my a wall from the 16th century. Cafes and Ristoranti invite for Italian dolce vita. 


Beaches of Castiglione della Pescaia have together with Sardegna the BEST WATER OF ITALY (Government Report of Italy 2017). Detailed map at your disposal in the Valdonica Office

Castiglione della Pescaia (45 minutes by car)
Picturesque medieval town at the Mediterranean Sea

Looking for a typical Italian Bagno (deckchairs, umbrella,…)? Enjoy Bagno Il Gabbiano, Via delle Formiche – Elenora cooks also outstanding fish – enjoy with Valdonica ballarino!

Looking for wild beaches? Drive south along ancient pine tree forests – just before Marina di Grosseto you find a parking lot on the left, after a short walk through the pine forest you reach endless beaches.

Parco della Maremma  (45 minutes by car)
Untouched nature at its best. Drive to Alberese (south of Grosseto) and follow the signs. Attention – entrance is restricted to a limited number of cars: In high season we recommend entry early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Parking fees are charged. From the parking lot you walk south – passing by the Saracen Towers from the 11th century – protecting against invasion from the Ottomans.

Lago dell’Accesa (30 minutes by car)
Picturesque volcanic lake – complete surrounded by natureTraumhafter Vulkansee, crystalclear water. Passing Ribolla in direction Gavorrano – about 8km after Ribolla turn right (follow signs)

Farma River (30 minutes by car, 30 minutes hike)
Spectacular pools in the rocks built by nature over millions of years. Drive to Torniella, after Torniella you reach a bridge – behind this bridge turn right: Bad dirt road till parking area, then 30 minutes hiking

Hot Spring of Petriolo (50 minutes by car)
This is a rustic place – simple, pure, local, unpretentious … drive via Roccastrada to Civitella Marittima, onwards direction Siena – take exit Petriolo. Free joy of nature for everyone

Hot Spring of Saturnia (1,5 hours by car)
Majestic natural pools underneath waterfalls – free of charge. Or at the hotel pool with entry fee.


Detailed map and brochures of the suggested sights are at your disposal in the Valdonica Office. Check out the library for guide books!

Fortress Ruins of Sassoforte (1 hour hike)
Mighty and majestic walls reflect the significance of Castello Sassoforte in medieval times – till destroyed by the Sienese. Today archeologists are restoring this landmark. Romantic hike through mystic forests. Pass by the church of Sassofortino hiking upwards the road. After about 1 km you find the hiking trail to Sassoforte to your left.

Roccatederighi (2,5km from Valdonica)
Romantic medieval town built on rocks – narrow streets make driving impossible. Walk up to San martino – pass the church along the left side and climb the rock: Divine view on Maremma!

Massa Marittima (40 minutes bay car)
Medieval town with a majestic cathedral in Romanesque Style. Spectacular square in front of cathedral. Walk up to the 60 meters high fortification built by the Romans. And there is another delight: In front of the cathedral take a left to the medieval bathhouse – look at the paintings from the 11th century, especially the fruits of the tree, I guarantee you a surpriseJ
And… best ice-cream in region: follow the street opposite of the cathedral, on your left side, already the look into the window is mouthwatering.
Drive there via Roccatedirighi and Tati through ancient oak forests and return via Lago dell’Accesa take a swim!) and Ribolla.

Sculpture Garden Paul Fuchs (30 minutes by car)
It´s a must for art-lovers: Paul Fuchs guides you personally through his sculpture garden! An exceptional avant-garde artist, who has been flourishing by living in Maremma since decades.
Please contact the Valdonica Office to find out about availability of tours.

San Galgano (30 minutes by car)
Majestic cathedral in midst of nature – without a roof! Some say there was a fire, some say that the debt from gambling and prostitution forced the monks to sell the wood of the roof … there are no signs of fire visibleJ. Above the cathedral there is a Romanesque chapel with a dome – built far earlier than St Peters in Rome. In the middle of the chapel there is the rock, where St Galgano put his sword in when he decided for a spiritual life.

Sculpture Garden Niki de Saint Phalle (1 hour by car)
Sensational garden with glittering fantasy figures – all of them you can walk in. A place of inspiration, of smiling, of dreaming, of – for children and the child in us. On your way back stop at Parco della Maremma and take a swim in the Mediterranean Sea!
Open April 1.– October 15:  14.30-19.30

Sculpture Garden Daniel Spoerri (1 hour by car)
On the foothills of Monte amiata – Scultures of Spoerri and friends embedded in nature.
Open from Easter till beginning November: Tuesday-Sunday – 11.00-20.00

Etrucan Treasures in Maremma (easy day-trip)
The Etruscan culture dates back to 1000 before Christ – one of the highest developed culture: Democratic, artistic, liberal … with strong trading across the Mediterranean and production of iron. Maremma was the heart of the Etruscan empire. You find a multitude of Etruscan treasures in Maremma – here three highlights:
Vetulonia: Founded by Etruscans – like all the villages on top of the hills in Maremma. Excavations provide insight into living culture and death culture of Etruscans.
Roselle: Here you find well preserved tombs from Etruscan times
Etruscan Museum Grosseto: Good insight into Etruscan culture, history and art

Montalcino – Villa Banfi – Sant‘Antimo (easy day-trip)
Via Paganico you drive towards Monte Amiata – highest mountain in southern Tuscany (with skiing area!). Take a left in direction of Montalcino – you might wish to stop at Villa Banfi: Hughes wine producer producing millions of bottles, biggest wine producer in Tuscany. In its medieval Castello you find museum, shop and Restaurant. Onwards to Sant‘Antimo: A picturesque Benedictine Monastery from early Romanesque times – surrounded by olive goves. Inside the cathedral the Choral music enhance the spiritual atmosphere. Last stop is Montalcino – medieval town in the heart of the Brunello wine region.

Pitigliano (easy day-trip)
Romantic town built on tuff rocks. Picturesque synagogue and Jewish quarter built hidden and unvisible in the 1th century. Around Pitigliano you find Etruscan trails built into the rocks – with mighty rock walls along both sides of the trail … still a mystery: Why have they been built?
Afterwards stop by for a bath in the hot springs of Saturnia.

Siena (easy day-trip)
Choose the scenic route to drive into Siena: Via Roccatedirighi, Gabellino, San Galgano. Duomo and Piazza Campo are a must. Return along the fast road in direction Grosseto – take exit Civitella Marittima, onwards to Roccastrada and back to Sassofortino. Great Streetfood in Civitella: After the roundabout, in direction Roccastrada, second shop on the left: Outstanding selection and quality of Pizza!

Pisa (easy day-trip)
Of course there is the Leaning Tower. Don´t miss the spirit of Pisa: Historic architecture, lively shopping and romantic situated at the Arno river – it remains its Italian spirit!

Florence (day-trip)
Park at the river Arno, drink Café at the Piazza della Signoria – in sight of Michelangelo´s David. Walk to the Duomo und its Baptisterium. Highpoint are the Uffizii with its outstanding art gallery – during summer reserve your ticket ahead of time online – in the winter enjoy this art in relaxation and easiness!

Rome (day-trip)
Start with a Café at Piazza Navona. Onwards to the Pantheon and the Colloseum. Relax on the Spanish Stairs and in the park of Villa Borghese. For the highly motivated: Continue to St Peters and the Vatican!


Bikes for Rent – please reserve at