martin kerresValdonica happened to me, it was not planned. When looking for a small summer house Valdonica found me: I was touched to the bottom of my soul by the beauty of its nature! A few years later my life changed completely and I moved here – Valdonica has become my home.

Looking forward to welcoming You,

firma martin kerres

Dr. Martin Kerres

My vision is that Valdonica flourishes and that everyone flourishes in Valdonica.

The heart of Valdonica are the vineyards, which we planted into pure mother nature – all soil here is untouched and virginal. The buildings in Valdonica are integrating traditional Tuscan architecture, modern design, the comfort of Italian “Dolce Vita” and leading edge ecological technology.

In 2008 we produced our first wines: 5 wines, 5 characters and temperaments, 5 expressions of Valdonica. From the vineyards to the bottle – we follow the flow of nature: Our wines ferment in small batches through yeast from Valdonica´s land, they mature in barriques or stainless steal and rest in the bottle from 12 to 24 months. Since then we have been growing in what we do and the wines have been growing – knowing that the perfect wine might be found in another universe!

The uniqueness of Valdonica lies in the interplay of high altitude vineyards (up to 500 meters), the microclimate of the Mediterranean Sea, the volcanic soil and the spirit of our team – it all reflects in the “spiciness” of our wines!

We in Valdonica work with greatest respect, gratefulness and joy for nature – to achieve with a minimum of human intervention a maximum of nature. This is reflected in the organic certification for our wines.