“BACIOLO 2018: Number ONE Sangiovese in Maremma Toscana” – MW Gabriele Gorelli
“CILIEGIOLO 2018: Number TWO of Maremma Toscana Wines” – VINUM Magazine
“SARAGIO 2018: Number FIVE of Maremma Toscana Wines” – VINUM Magazine

Opening Hours: 10.00-12.00 & 16.00-18.00
High-Season: All Week
Low Season: Tue & Thu

Introduction to Vineyards & Winemaking Facilities plus Tasting of six Wines
Your host: A wine-professional from our Winery Team
HIGH-SEASON: Mo-Fri: 17.00
LOW-SEASON: Thu – 16.00
Duration: 90 minutes – reservation required
Price: €40/person

Tuesday – 19.00, Wine-Cellar Valdonica (eight persons minimum, in case of cellar-activities the dinner will be hold at Capo Pagiano)
Short introduction to Vineyards & Winemaking facilities followed by a hosted 4 course dinner with wine-pairing
Price: €79/person including wines – reservation required

Creating world-leading wines from re-cultivated, forgotten grapes home in Tuscany … in the flow with nature – all biologic and organic.


  • Vineyards newly planted in wilderness
  • Highest Vineyards in Maremma
  • Mediterranean Sea affected micro-climate
  • Volcanic Soil 
  • Rain is the only irrigation
  • Certified Organic & Vegan

Cultivation at High Altitude: Our vineyards stretch up to 500 meters – amongst the highest Sangiovese vineyards in Maremma.

Mediterranean Climate: The proximity to the sea ensures an almost maritime climate in our vineyards. This helps reduce the risk of  disease and allows us a long growing season, perfect for ripening Sangiovese and autochtone grapes.

Volcanic Soil: The volcano, Sassoforte, was active up to 20 million years ago. The soils in our vineyards are a magical mix of this ancient volcanic soil.

9 Types of Sangiovese & Old Grapes of Tuscany: After a careful analysis of soil and micro-climate, we selected 9 different types of Sangiovese grapes and planted them in separate vineyard blocks. We also grow Ciliegiolo, Vermentino, Vermentino Nero and Massareta – again, in small, carefully chosen vineyard parcels.

Organic: We grow our grapes in virgin soil and all our work in the vineyards focuses upon ensuring that they grow in harmony with the woodland and pasture that surrounds them.  Absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. We sow cover crops and use manure, and use only organic treatments to keep our vines healthy.

Wine Cellar

  • Spontaneous Fermentation with yeast from our vineyards
  • Small Batch Ferments
  • Finest Oak Barrels to enhance the character of the fruit

Manual Harvest: Harvest takes place, vineyard-by-vineyard, to ensure perfect ripeness for each type of Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Vermentino. All picking is done by hand by the staff and families of Valdonica.

Spontaneous Fermentation in Small Batches: Fermentation takes place in small tanks to ensure each variety, type and vineyard is kept separate to allow their individual character to shine through. During fermentation, each tank is carefully hand plunged to give our wines elegance and finesse.

Ageing in Wood: All red wines and part of the white wines age in oak barrels, carefully chosen only from French coopers. There is a great emphasis on barrel selection: Character and temperament of the grapes find their resonance in the barrel they are ageing in. Barrels are used for a maximum of  five years.

Barrel Selection, Blending and Bottle Ageing: We follow closely the ageing of our wines and after a rigorous tasting process, finally blend the barrels to create each of our 5 wines. Once bottled, our wines mature for at least 12 months before being released to the market.

Organic: Fermentation and ageing processes are strictly organic. Fermentation starts spontaneously through natural yeasts from the vineyards of Valdonica. All these processes take place in our new cantina which was constructed according to highest ecological standards.


Martin – Team Lead Valdonica
Nicola – Enologist & Team Lead Winery
Antonio – Enologist Consultant
Federico Agriculture Consultant
Lorenzo – Enologist & Team Winery
Karma – Team Winery
Ana – Team Winery
Barbara – Team Winery