Welcome to the Valdonica-Team!

Our Team is the heart of Valdonica – in our Winery, in our Residence and in our Restaurant. All of us are professional and are passionate about what we do. We care about each other and everyone  enjoys to balance the work with the beauty of Toscana. In Valdonica we depend on each other – your self-responsibility is our key to success. Better you take a wrong decision than no decision. There is always a team-member around, you can reflect your daily work with. This enables you, this enables all of us – this is how Valdonica flourishes!

We are living diversity – it inspires our growth personally and professionally: Whatever nationality, gender, age, sexuality, colour…. everyone is welcomed! This is the spirit we live in our vineyards as well as with our guests. We are, who we are … for ourselves, for our team and for our guests.

Due to legislation we solely hire candidates with e EU passport!

Seasonal Jobs and Internships are aligned to our season from April till November – returning interns are always welcomed! Internships you find in our Winery as well as in our Residence and Restaurant. We all go through times in our life, when it feels good to take a break: The location, the team, the spirit and the work might be inspiring for you, to find out how to move on in your life!

Permanent Jobs are for todays leaders as well as tomorrows leaders: Leaders of Valdonica run the daily business and shape the future. Future Leaders take more and more responsibilities over the years to grow into their overall leadership capabilities. Solid education as well as some years of work-experience are welcomed. Give it around five years and more to optimise the operations and team in your area of responsibility … you will feel good about the success coming out of your energy.

Find out more below – drop us an email for your application including your CV:

See you soon in Valdonica,

Martin – Owner VALDONICA Winery I Residence I Restaurant


VALDONICA Winery I Residence I Restaurant offers year by year interns to join the team as well as permanent positions. Working at Valdonica is a balance of Work, Spirit & Leisure: Interns work eight hours per day/40 hours per week and they have two work-days off. Interns are coming from all over, this year we had interns from Austria, China, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden.

All of us work professionally and act responsible toward themselves, the team, the guests and Valdonica. We care for each other and are striving for a healthy balance of life and work. All seasonal and permanent team members work independently in their area of responsibility – we fulfill our responsibility for the team and for Valdonica overall. We love quality in every aspect: From the wines, to the guest-rooms, to the food, to the service, to the way how we work with each other… quality means for us caring about the little thing in life, to be professional and passionate about what we do. Permanent team members support the seasonal team-members – we all have the opportunity to learn and Valdonica learns from us.

For a solid experience we prefer Internships of six months, from April till October – minimum Internship is two months: We try to balance your needs with our needs. Valdonica provides and pays for your housing – you will have your room in an apartment, the apartment you share with other interns. All apartments are in our village or neighbouring village. Additionally Valdonica pays pocket-money, depending on the stage of your career path. For permanent positions Valdonica provides equal compensation – in balance with the regional conditions.


Valdonica Winery

Team Lead Winery – Permanent
Team Lead in place

Vineyard & Cantina Staff – Seasonal
You work with the team in the Vineyards and in the Cantina. Working in the vineyards gives you an ultimate experience of connecting with nature – we are an organic winery. In a magnificent setting with a stunning view all the way to the Mediterranean sea, you support the vineyard to flourish at an optimum. Staff members will teach you the different type of work. This physical work requires persistence and love for nature. It might also add to your mental and emotional growth. Vineyard work is balanced off with work in the Cantina, so that you gain an overview of how we make wine in Valdonica.
Italian or English is a must

Wine Ambassador – Seasonal
You love wine, you have some knowledge about wine and you are eager to learn more about it. We teach you about how we produce our wines in the Vineyards and in the Cantina. We share with you the characteristics and identities of Valdonica and of our wines. You do tastings with our guests – with your support our guests get an understanding about the winemaking in Valdonica and about the characteristics of the wines … your support inspires guests to find their favourite Valdonica Wines and to buy them. You do tastings with our guests and introduce our wines at our Restaurant.
English is a must – Italian and/or German are welcomed!

VALDONICA Residence & Restaurant

Team Lead Hospitality – Permanent
You manage the current business of Residence and Restaurant and you shape it´s future business. Ideally you have an education in hospitality, you have a few years of expertise in hospitality, you feel comfortable in speaking Italian and English (plus German is welcomed!) and you like to be with guests. You are ok when it gets stressful, which happens from time to time.

This permanent job requires your personal presence in Valdonica from April till November – feel free to work from wherever you wish in the remaining months. If you are a couple, we are open that also your partner joins the Valdonica Team. You might have dreamed of working in Toscana – this might be your opportunity!


Team Lead Residence – Permanent
Team Lead in place

Guest Care Manager – Seasonal
You care about our guests, you support them in finding their good time at Valdonica. You communicate with guests before arrival and once they are in Valdonica. You welcome guests and check them in. You farewell guest and you check them out. You work at our Lounge in Capo Pagiano, you enjoy to communicate and you are ok, when it might get stressful once in a while. You are part of the Guest Care Management Team – there is permanent staff who will introduce, teach and coach you about your responsibilities. Prior experience in hospitality industry is welcomed but not a must. English is a must – Italian and/or German are welcomed!

Hotel Service Manager – Seasonal
Top quality in our guest-rooms, caring for details … those are essential attributes for the quality time of our guests. You are responsible to bring this quality into our guest-rooms together with the Hotel Service Team. Quality with respect to cleanness, neediness and functionality. It´s more a “Behind the Scenes” work with less guest communication, it´s a work which keeps you busy more in the morning till the early afternoon. Prior experience in hospitality industry is welcomed but not a must.
Italian and/or English is welcomed.

Hotel Service Staff – Seasonal
Together with the Hotel Service Team your prepare our guest-rooms so that guests feel comfortable with the cleanness, neediness and functionality of their room. It´s more a “Behind the Scenes” work with less guest communication, it´s a work which keeps you busy more in the morning till the early afternoon.
Italian and/or English is welcomed.

VALDONICA Restaurant

Team Lead Restaurant – Seasonal
Our Restaurant is popular for the quality of food, wine, service and location. Reservation management is in your responsibility – which includes also to increase the demand by social media and other activities. You greet the guests and seat them. You manage the Service Team, so that guests are cared well. You are the connection between the Chef and Service Team. Finally you manage the payment of the guests. It´s an evening work – five days a week. Prior experience in hospitality industry is welcomed but not a must.
Italian and/or English is a must, German is a plus.

Service Staff – Seasonal
It´s an evening work – you are free during the day. You prepare the tables, take orders from our guest, you serve food and wine to them. You coordinate your orders with the Kitchen Team.
Italian and/or English is a must, German is a plus.

Kitchen Staff – Seasonal
It´s an evening work – you are free during the day. You assist in preparing the orders, you are in charge of cleaning the dishes, you work close with Sous-Chef and Chef. Italian and/or English is a must.

Sous Chef – Seasonal
You just finished Cooking-School , you might have a few years of Cooking experience. Your goal is to become your own restaurant Chef in three to five years. You like to work in small teams, you like the concept of a Boutique Restaurant. Valdonica´s kitchen is fresh, pure, honest, without Schnick-Schnack – less is more! It is Tuscany style with identity, character and individuality of the Chef. You work for three to five years with Valdonica´s Chef, who is teaching you.
Italian and/or English is a must.

Chef – Permanent
Chef in place

VALDONICA Administration

Team Lead Administration – Permanent
Team Lead in place