Three Guest-Locations in Valdonica

Chill Hotel with M
agic View & In-House Breakfast: Luxurious, spacious, elegant, young, lively  – in touch with the village of Sassofortino
Historic Mansion from the 13th century with its roots in Etruscan time. At the highest point of Valdonica in the village of Sassofortino. Spacious Guestrooms with private balcony/garden. Grand view across vineyards on the Mediterranean Sea and sunset across Elba. Located at LOUNGE VALDONICA – for your breakfast, socializing and degustation: With coffee machine (free coffee) and water dispenser (free filtrated water). Free access to Vineyards, Gardens & Terraces.
Breakfast: At Capo Pagiano
Pool: Free At Cantina (200 meters)
Sassofortino: Restaurants, Bars, Groceries… (100 meters)

Guestrooms in Pure-Nature with Communal Space & Close to Pool: Intimate, organic, colourful, rustic, light, cozy … with Cooking/Dining/Workspace Lounge & in touch with Winemaking
Sheep stables turned into wine-making and hospitality building – all organic and biologic. Guestrooms with private garden facing vineyards, nature and medieval village. Beds made from wood of ancient wine barrels. Shared Cooking/Dining & Living Lounge with water dispenser (free filtrated water) available. Free access to Vineyards, Gardens and Terraces.
Breakfast: At Capo Pagiano (200 meters)
Pool: At Cantina

Sassofortino: Restaurants, Bars, Groceries… (300 meters)

Private Hideaway for up to 6 Persons in Pure Nature with Grand View: Secluded, private, intimate, cozy, magic view … nestled in our vineyards
In the midst of vineyards with a grand view on the Mediterranean Sea. Located in full privacy –  accessed by private Cypress-Alley and surrounded by lushful gardens. Light and open architecture. In easy reach of Cantina and Pool. Ideal for families and friends. Tuscan Style from outside, modern design from inside. Free access to Vineyards, Gardens and Terraces.
Breakfast: At Capo Pagiano (400 meters)
Pool: Free At Cantina (200 meters)

Sassofortino: Restaurants, Bars, Groceries… (500 meters)


Open, light and pure architecture: Integrating traditional Tuscany architecture with the elegance of modern design, the cosiness of Italian “Dolce Vita”  and leading edge ecological technology – all melting into nature.

Terraces & Gardens: Every guestroom has its private garden/balcony with chairs. The aroma from roses and lavender enhance the sensations of nature. Throughout 50 hectares of land their are gardens, seating and picnic areas – all inviting for savouring a glass of wine, reading your favourite book, chatting, meditating, reflecting….. Highlight is the Degustation Terrace with a view across the vineyards, the hills of Maremma and the Mediterranean Sea.

Pool: Nestled into the vineyards with a spectacular view on the hills of Maremma and the Mediterannean Sea with its island of Giglio. Pack your book and sun-lotion into the Beach-bag, which is provided – like your beach-towel … go with your flow.

Art: Valdonica inspires and is inspired by musicians, writers, painters, photographers and sculptors. Be inspired by their art-work – it might inspire for your own art-work!


Caring & Smiling Team: Friendly, with passion for their work, deeply rooted in their traditions – authentic hospitality in the tradition of Tuscany. Feel at home in a cosmopolitan environment: we speak Italian, German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Linen, towels, bathrobes… : All in finest quality to provide a maximum comfort along your stay – day and night!.

Hearty Breakfast: At Valdonica Lounge – with a majestic view across our vineyards to the Mediterranean Sea. Everything served comes from local producers from the region. We found a baker, baking dark bread for us, in a village 40 minutes from Valdonica.

Cantina Lounge & Valdonica Lounge: A huge table – made from the wood of ancient wine-barrles respectively from medieval ceiling-beams – is the center of Valdonica´s social life: Cooking, dining, tasting wines, chatting, philosophising, discussing, reflecting…

Ayurvedic Massage and Foot Reflexology: To support you in let go the worries and burdens of daily life and to reconnect with the treasures in us. Amanda is an exceptional therapists as well as a wonderful human.

Wine Tasting & Dining

About once a week there is the Valdonica-Dinner hold in the Wine-Cellar or at Valdonica Lounge. A four-course meal of local specialties – prepared by the Valdonica Team from old family recipes. Valdonica wines are introduced along the dinner. This dinner is hosted by the owner or team members of Valdonica. It´s a highlight of Valdonica!

There are two authentic Tuscan restaurants in walking distance – discover Momo and Marco in Sassofortino. In Roccatedirighi (2 kilometers away) there are another five restaurants: All genuine and with different focus of regional cuisine. When you are arriving in your room, you will find an Information-Folder with a description of all the restaurants. Buon Apetito!


Hiking Trail: Stroll along vineyards, pastures, ponds and forests – 80 hectares / 160 acres of organic farmland awaits you. Inhale unspoiled nature – attracting also scientists studying the genuine fauna and flora of Maremma. Bring good hiking shoes with you. Rest at one of the romantic picnic-spots.

Icelandic Horses: Meet Beki, Rasmus, Skylda and Frekja: They enjoy your company!


Martin – Team Lead Valdonica
Making Vision happen
Tamara – Team Lead Residence
From the village – caring by heart
Angela – Team Lead Hospitality
Flourishing Valdonica from the beginnings
Francesca – Team Hospitality & Team Lead Valdonica Dinner
Her Torta della Nonna is a blessing
Giovanna – Team Hospitality
Gets everything done in good spirit
Serena – Team Hospitality and Team Lead Vino&Antipasto
From Sassofortino – calm by heart
Cristiana – Team Hospitality
Love brought her to Sassofortino
Floriana – Team Hospitality
With smiling spirit – from Roccatedirighi
Amanda – Massage
American, living since 17 years in Maremma