31 Oct, 2020 - HOME-OFFICE in Valdonica – in Tuscany

We are welcoming HOME-OFFICE guests:

  • ACCOMMODATION:  Choose your guest-room with Cooking-Facility, your Mini-Apartment, your 2-Bedroom Apartment and your 3-Bedroom Villa.
  • OFFICE FACILITIES: Work-place in your accommodation as well as in Valdonica Lounge – all with powerful WIFI.
  • SAFETY: This year we have implemented safety structures – enabling social distancing, disinfection and ventilation – as well as special cleaning procedures for our staff. In rural area there is a higher safety than in cities.
  • MEALS: Your breakfast is provided by us. For your lunch you might wish to walk to one of our local restaurants. Dinner is prepared by yourself.
  • FOR YOUR SOUL: 50 hectares of organic Valdonica-Nature is waiting for you and the Valdonica-Team is hosting you – explore the treasures of Tuscany in fall, in winter…

We have prepared special weekly, monthly and seasonal packages for you. Please contact:

+39 0564 567251

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