11 Mar, 2021 - Safety in Valdonica

Dear Guests,

As host and medical doctor the safety for all of us in Valdonica has top priority. Here a few points about safety in Valdonica:

  • In Valdonica you find the privilege of space: 50 hectares of pure nature … and with 15 Guest-rooms plus two Villas we are small and boutique. Guest-rooms are in two different locations: Cantina and Capo Pagiano are about 150 meters apart.
  • All Guest-rooms have private Balconies/Patios. Additionally there are 9 outdoor Terraces – three of those around the Pool.
  • Breakfast is on the Lounge-Terrace or inside the Lounge – tables are in safe distance to each other. Additionally we open the grand Glass-Doors to ensure the ventilation of the Lounge.
  • There are automatic disinfection-dispenser in Cantina and Capo Pagiano. Additionally our Service-Team has been trained to expand cleaning with specific disinfection procedures – and we use specific disinfection products.
  • In restaurants and shops in the villages around Valdonica, safety procedures according to the health authorities  have been applied.

All safety procedures we have implemented run in the background – in the foreground is your well-being in Valdonica!

See you soon,

Dr. Martin Kerres – MD, MBA
Owner Valdonica